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Paris in a day

So because Mum and I love exhibitions, fashion and any excuse to be in Paris at the beginning of September I took a day off work and we jumped on the Eurostar for the day. Our main mission was the Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs on the side of the Louvre … Continue reading

A very British Birthday

So in May it was my 23rd birthday and in a shock departure for the weather we have been having it was actually a sunny weekend! Luckily in my first year of properly working my birthday fell on a Saturday which meant I could fully enjoy it. After a leisurely breakfast of pastries and presents … Continue reading

The British Manufacturing Trend

Publicity gained by efforts such as the Mary Portas Kinky Knickers is really good for giving PR to the British manufacturing world and making the general public aware that we can still manufacture here but I worry what will happen once the trend dies down. The country is very patriotic at the moment following the … Continue reading

A Valentines day in Paris

Please don’t stop reading if you think this is going to be some soppy write up of a romantic trip to Paris because its not. Yes I was in Paris on valentines day but alas there for work. The second week of February sees Paris hold the biggest fabric and trim trade fair in Europe, … Continue reading

Possible change

So this week hasn’t been the most positive week and I’m beginning to drive myself round the bend let alone my friends and family. I always thought I was quite a positive and strong person but increasingly I’m beginning to think its the other way. I’m not being defeatist on purpose and am spending the … Continue reading

New Year, new start

Someone said to me recently that writing this would keep me sane so here goes. As part of my new years resolution (as well as the obvious losing weight) I’m going to try and write a blog from my heart once a week….. Do you ever get that feeling of complete helplessness? When nothing appears … Continue reading

Itchy fingers

I never thought I’d say this but I am seriously missing doing Uni projects! So much so I’ve started sketching again and am wanting to unroll my pattern paper again. Part of this yearn to be creative may be because I’ve now settled back into the daily commute to London and working 9.30-6 and I’m … Continue reading

I haven’t fallen down a hole…..honest!

So all has been a deathly quiet on the blog front recently. Mainly because I have just completed my first month in my first proper job following uni! I have now signed my contract and am officially a Fabric Development Assistant for a luxury womenswear brand based in London. I’m not going to say who … Continue reading

A love letter to Paris

It may seem a cliche to say as a lover of fashion that I love Paris but its true I do. There’s something magical about it, something you can’t quite put your finger on when you step off the eurostar. It’s not just the hustle and bustle of the city, the gorgeous architecture and the … Continue reading

A veritable treasure trove

So in my seemingly never ending quest of ┬ájob hunting beams of light have begun to appear. I am beginning to interview for some really interesting roles and while looking began an internship with the delightful Love Is Boutique today. ┬áThis boutique based in Tunbridge Wells is an absolute delight stocking beautiful vintage pieces and … Continue reading